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Vincent Motorcycle Models
Note: I need good photos of the missing models please. The intent here is to have a linked page to each model with informative photos.

Series "A" 1935-39



Comet Special


"A" Rapide

Series "B" 1946-49 click
              image for larger photo Artist drawing 1945/46
not accurate

"B" Rapide
Brochure drawing
Sidecar option
click for larger photo
Black Shadow

Series "C" 1949 - 54

"C" Comet, Sport Model

"C" Comet Touring Model Touring Comet - LS
"C" Rapide, Sport Model

"C" Rapide Touring Model

"C" Black Shadow

SERIES D:  1955  (F10AB/2/10588 to F10AB/2B/11134)

"D" Comet, Sport Model

"D"  Rapide click image for larger photo
Black Knight Black Knight - Thorin's
"D"  Black Shadow

Black Prince


The standard Rapide is capable of 110 mph (the Black Shadow is listed as being able to do 125 mph and the Black Lightning at 150 mph).  The machine has a number of outstanding features such as the Girdraulic front fork and triangulated rear springing.  Girdraulics provide exceptional lateral rigidity and freedom from front end twist under hard braking, unlike telescopic forks used on lesser contemporary machines.

Engine: 998cc,  45 bhp, compression ratio 6.7:1, Bore and Stroke 84mm x 90mm.  Twin cylinder, OHV, air-cooled, enclosed push-rod operated valves.  Cast iron cylinder liner shrunk into finned aluminum alloy cylinder jacket.
Lubrication: Dry sump, double acting rotary plunger pump.
Carburators: Twin Amal standard side-float type 276, zero degree float chamber
Ignition: Fibre pinion driven Lucas magneto, KVF 50 degree
Petrol capacity: 3 3/4 gallons, pressed steel tank, twin taps.  Dropped rear of tank to catch water or dirt.
Oil Capacity: 6 pints.  Oil tank forms upper frame member.
Brakes: Four internal expanding 7" dia.
Suspension: Hydraulically damped front and rear.
Saddle: Feridax Dunlopillo dual seat
Instruments: Smith's 3" chronometric speedo, 120 mph.
Maximum speed:  110-115 mph.


click for D Shadow left
            sideclick for D Shadow right side  

Racing Vincent Motorcycles

Black Lightning
        1949 Supercharged Solvang Museum, Calif.
grey flash
        larger imageclick for
        larger image..large file..slow download

click for
          larger image of 1C4439.
Vincent Specials:

        image for larger photo
click for larger image of luggage carrierclick for larger image-Vincent B
        Rapide with D standclick for larger image - Vincent B with D standclick for larger image of Egli Frame
Grey Flash Replica - Colin
        Jenner . Engine #F5AB/2A/3718. Frame # RC7101Grey Flash Replica - LS
        Colin Jenner . Engine #F5AB/2A/3718. Frame # RC7101COM-DOM (Comet engine in Norton Featherbed Frame)

Choppers and Customs:Black Prince Chopper - larger image

click for larger
        image or John Caraway Norvin John Caraway's Norvin

Picador Aircraft Drone engine.

It is the intent to list info on each model and a picture of each. If you have a good picture of any of these models please send it in. We will use it as a representative of the model. Please send only .jpg files, original photos, copies of photos, or copies of negatives.  Please do not send .mime files...  Thanks.

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