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Pricing and Ordering info for "Flat Out" by Jerry Hatfield.

USA Customers: Pay $54.95 (Texas residents add $4.00 sales tax), via personal check or international money order, to: Jerry Hatfield, 605 Hinsdale Dr., Arlington, TX 76006. The price includes shipping/handling. Please print your autograph instructions, and provide e-mail address for shipping notification.

UK/Europe Customers purchase from VOC Spares Co. Ltd. Purchase can be made by credit card through the VOC Spares Co. Ltd. web site. The price is "£35.00 for all purchasers either Vincent club members or otherwise, plus packing and postage as appropriate." Query VOC Spares for shipping/postage cost.

New Price 11/3/07:   UK/Europe lower retail price of 29.95 pounds plus shipping within/from the UK. (Jerry Hatfield)

Australian and New Zealand Customers buy from Harley City of Melbourne, Purchase can be by credit card via telephone, 03 93835033. The price is $99.95 (AUS) plus shipping/postage. Query Harley city for for shipping/postage cost. Once shipping/postage is confirmed, you may order by mail at: Rollie Free Book, c/o Harley City, 770 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056

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