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1951 Vincent Comet F5AB/2A/7090 - click photo for full size
factory issued June 19, 1951

Left side of F5AB/2A/7090 - click photo for full size

Riders view of Comet - click photo for full size

click photo for full size
This photo is Friday, May 31, 2013 on a 100 mile afternoon ride in the country - rear suspension is original. Country roads are a joyful experience on this Comet. Take a 50 mile ride to lunch, relax, then 50 miles back.

A small Miller running light has been added, quickly removed if desired, for added safety lighting toward the front. A variety of standard bulbs and LED bulbs have been trialed in this running light, currently standard bulb.

Correct Lucas horn is mounted like a Vincent Comet.
Photo on bridge 4/25/2013 - 50 miles to lunch, stop on bridge for photo on way home.
gas taps on, only have a half hour to avoid local traffic.
Original spring boxes and damper now on Comet.
Bridge rail torn up over winter, leaves just coming out.